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Coconut Cooking Oil

Our Coconut Cooking Oil is one of the healthiest oils for those of us who want to maintain our health because cholesterol will be stable. The results of the dishes become more delicious and savory because of the condition of the ingredients contained in them. The quality of our coconut cooking oil is proven to be better and makes the cooking results more savory and crunchy.
Our coconut cooking oil is proven not to change color easily to brown when cooked more than 6 times compared to competing brands. There are 6 advantages of our products:
1. White-Clear Color
2. Crispy fried texture
3. our oil heats up fast
4. Color & Aroma
5. Less Cooking Oil Shrink
6. Competitive & Economical Prices

What’s In Our Cooking Oil?
1. The calcium and magnesium levels are the lowest so it is safe for people with gallstones and kidney stones and coronary heart disease and is safe for your cooking utensils.
2. Heavy metal contamination is very low meaning it is safe and does not cause cancer.
3. Saturated Fatty Acids (contains Lauric, Palmitic, Capric 6.7%). Lauric functions as an anti-flu, anti-bacterial, healing bronchitis, Palmitate, functions: antioxidant, smoothes the skin.
4. Unsaturated Fatty Acids contain Linoleic which functions for brain growth, smoothes the skin, stimulates hair growth, increases bone growth, and minimizes inflammation.

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